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   Welcome to Body Strength

My Body Strength program is designed to give you the freedom to move well, feel amazing, and finally be able to commit to a regular fitness program! 

So much of what we think about fitness is old methodology from 30 years ago! 

Body part splits, exercise machines, dumbbells and barbells, hour long workouts, impossible scheduling, and people ogling you at the gym shouldn’t be what fitness is! 

The truth is that you don’t need any of that! 

Body Strength is designed to free you of all of that and let you finally keep a sustainable fitness program!

Join the Membership

What are the Benefits?

  • Build Strength

  • Move Better

  • Feel Better

  • Increased Energy

  • Have Better Sex

  • BUT most of all...

  • Freedom!

  • No wondering ‘what to do’, well crafted workouts that help your body move the way it was supposed to. 

    No guilt at missing workouts because you don’t know what to do, or can’t find time to go to a gym, or that you are a failure because you can’t workout an hour a day 7 days a week! 

    Freedom from that overwhelming feeling of failure and stress!



    You get to work with me directly, Coach Taylor. 

    20 years of experience backing up this innovative and seemingly simple program


    Access to a private members community.


    You will join Coach Taylor’s private group for support, assistance, motivation, and often just a few good laughs.

    Because taking care of yourself should be something you look forward to, even if you don’t necessarily love working out. Questions? 

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